CD: Dragon Flight Recordings DFR014 [2003]

Salvations Succumb to Rust
Mindlock (Septic Utopia)
Frontal Lobe Castration
Nihil Transmission
Strength is Beauty

Mourning Tsar

The album opens with some heavily distorted guitar and vocal. These conventional sounds are mixed effectively with some intense synthesised tones. This is grind-core meets power electronics, fabulous! As the album develops, the vocal effects are substituted with some well-chosen samples most notably from George Lucas’ Sci-Fi classic "THX 1138" (very reminiscent of a great Laibach track on the "Kapital" album). The album develops even further with the clever use of fairy tale samples. This is a great value for money album as there has been a lot of thought gone into this and each track sounds great. The album concludes on a more conventional note with some extreme power electronics and some more clever use of samples. A mix that generates some really aggressive and over-fed soundscapes.


[Terror Organ] / [Beauty & Pain (Formerly DFR)]

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