CD: Malignant Records TUMORCD20 [2004]

Cold Light Infusion
Black Sun
Blood Red Sea
Drowned (Desert Earth II)

This is the first official recording by the group (discounting the limited edition and quite frankly super-duper re-mastered "Anno Domini" release from 2001) on the Tumor record label.

"Aeon" is 4 tracks and 50 minutes of, cold as ice on a can of Fosters lager and blacker than a Goths eye shadow, ambient music par excellence. Working on the premise that for these types of soundscapes to fully integrate with the listener, to draw him / her / girlieboy whatever into the other worldly realms, then the music must be all encompassing and powerful. The sounds generated should have just the right degree of prevailing evil malevolent intent whilst expanding and floating outwardly to the nether regions. It should be subliminal, with hidden sounds almost unperceivable to the ear, and yet have the clarity to shine through the dense smog to register intimately. The music should bounce erratically off hidden cavernous walls and be claustrophobic at the same time. "Aeon" achieves all this and then some more. Sonically as bleak as a Dickens novel set in winter Terra Sancta sets into music what Charles managed to convey with words. Using a palette of dark spatial electronics the music is as vast and uncompromising as the wildest Australian outback.

"Aeon" is a small masterpiece within the ambient genre that, although only 40+ minutes long, uses each and every one of those precious minutes to build up a crescendo of atmospheric set pieces. Terra Sancta are the best thing musically to come out of Australia for a long time.


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