CD: Eibon Records TER051 [2004]

Harp and 12 string harp (impro)
Blue shine
Clear love
Tell me
Into the indian rhythm (impro)
A sonorous poet
The end of smoky days
Irony of fate
Runaway from the sun
Don't explain

Certainly an unusual collage of influence and styles on this one, being a quirky melange of modern pop culture elements filtered though a traditional Japanese musical perspective. With beat/ rhythm programming that nods to trip hop luminaries Portishead & further underscored with traditional percussion, classical music melodies & the liberal use of a harp, this certainly carves a niche all of its own. Yet the slow to mid paced tracks are ultimately completed with sultry & moody female vocals that throughout evoke a decadent lounge bar atmosphere. Late album track ‘The End of Smokey Days’ unfortunately lifts a little too heavily from the sound of Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’ album, so whilst a good track, loses points for the blatant rip-off factor.

Given the album’s style & sound may be somewhat focused towards more commercial oriented scenes (that are not generally associated with Eibon Records), there are numerous experimental elements at play throughout which would make this far too difficult a listen for pop music tuned ear. Teresa 11 might wear elements of their influences on their sleeve, but with some individualised quirks, have created a different and interesting album to say the least.


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