CDR: TenHornedBeast [2004]
Ltd x 100

Crown Of Horns
Lord Heroin (Has Surely Come)
With The Wings Of God Above You
Ten Stars Ten Horns
Shrines I-III

A short history lesson to begin with. Christopher Walton and Stephen Pennick once recorded as Endvra. They released 6 superb and essential dark ambient works. These recordings are increasingly difficult to find but any music fan worth their salt should have them all in their collection. Mr Pennick went onto release recordings as Ontario Blue and Mr Walton seemed to have completely disappeared off the music map. Until now.

The music of TenHornedBeast is a million miles away from the work of Endvra but that’s not to say it won’t appeal to die-hards of his old band. Using drums, bass and guitars "Ten Stars - Ten Horns" is a sludge / drone / gloom masturbatory wankfest. Fucking magic in other words. Forget all preconceptions you may harbour at music produced by these basic instruments. "Ten Stars - Ten Horns" touches areas you wouldn’t think possible. Some tracks are so black ambient in style and execution you wouldn’t believe it and yet they are so enthralling your breath is literally taken away. On other tracks the sound of "Cop" era Swans springs to mind, and they were the dogs bollocks at that time, slow, grinding, pounding and harsh. TenHornedBeast rumble and roar over 6 tracks of nerve shredding uplifting music that I cannot help but admire and enthuse enough over it. The perfect ‘pick me up’ record for those shitty days in life when you need something to make you feel alive again.

Play it fucking loud. Play it often. For fuck’s sake just play it. Immensely satisfying to the nth degree. I believe that there will be a 2 x CD release from this project sometime in the near future. Bring it on Christopher. Bring it fucking on. Sooner rather than later please.



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