CD: Prophecy PRO 017 [2004]

Näkin laulu
Etäisyyksien taa
Lauluni sinulle
Niin auer hiljaa vie

Tenhi has for some time been one of my favorite bands of the Neofolk genre, with its unique Suomi inspiration stands out of most those hordes of Germanic bands. Originaly released on 1999 Kauan has been remastered, received two bonus tracks and a new digipack format.

The music is in general slow and melancholic, with several nice exceptions here and there ('Revontulet' and 'Lauluni Sinulle' for example), with the addition of drums and bass lines (among a host of other acoustic instruments and some synths) and the way the compositions are more complex of what you would expect of a Folk band, progressive even, gives a much more modernised yet natural feel that in my opinion has been missing on the current Neofolk Scene.

All songs have a certain unity and they complete each other, making it very hard to speak about any individually. As for the bonus included on this new edition there is a alternative drumas and violin version of 'Kielo' (taken from the MCD "Airut:Ciwi") and 'Niin auer Hiljaa Vie' which is a brand new song.


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