CDR: AntiClock [2004]

1st Invocation
A:lmost A:head
2nd Invocation
Loose Canon
Thelema At Various Stations

With the moniker, Techix, you could be forgiven in expecting a pummeling mosaic of digital rhythm and electronic glitch and yet while electronics indeed performs one half of the twain the other is a wellspring of classical articulation. This ferrovitreous amalgam is not one of disparate weft, forcing minuet to digital mantle, rather is an engrossing musical foray where many have tried and failed.

Soaring filaments of strings cling to the listener at first, underscored with tremulous comrades, lambent harmony that ushers the listener into non-clichéd musical experimentation. Not all is erstwhile classicism, as the digital elements cling to the subtle guitar etude of 'Bhodi’s Last Breath', a distorted soloing and plunging canyons press a post-modern Romany weld. Techix impresses its use of original classical music bereft of notable synthesized formatting adroitly composing softly brilliant lines and sections whether to martial low-fi percussion, heavily sampled splinters of flanging noise, or rusticated ambience. While there is a predominance of violin scattered with appearances of guitar, "Monosymphonic" keeps up a kinetic change from track to track rarely repeating shuffled composites but bestriding both styles with a fevered freedom.

"Monosymphonic" is packaged in a neat white card slipcase imprinted with geometric sigil, with Judaic and old-world etchings with a professionally printed disk-face.


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