CDr: Tosom 011 [2002]
Ltd x 200

Der baum der wunsche erfulit
Le destin de la verganglichkeit

When my dear mother caught me masturbating for the first time she was very understanding. She just tutted to herself then told me later that it was only natural what I did and I wasn’t to feel ashamed. I don’t think my assembled family who witnessed the act thought the same way but that was their problem. Not mine. If she was alive today and heard "Der Baum Der Wünsche Erfüllt" she would have responded in the same way. She would have understood that the music I so love is a secret and guilty pleasure to be enjoyed alone. The fact she couldn’t comprehend why this was so never fazed her.

So here I am, with just T & N for company, regaling in the obscure and off kilter music that makes up the 2 tracks from their limited edition CDr on Tosom and smiling to myself. I do that a lot when I come across, not literally of course because the CDr wouldn’t be able to play, something so unnatural and yet so tranquil in equal measure. Music that’s so soothing and meditative that its the perfect antidote to the stresses of life. Even the inclusion of a sample from the song ‘Suicide is Painless’ doesn’t detract from the overall serenity of the record. It might not be to everyone’s taste, and the mix of avant / ambient may deter potential buyers, but it moves me in all the right places and that’s all that matters.

My ma would have understood.


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