CDR: Abrasive [2004]

Human Death
The Aim Of Religion
Blistering Streets
The Right Of Diss-Ease
Haddos Circle
United Colours Of Terrorism Part 1
United Colours Of Terrorism Part 2

You wait for one "The Bear Faced Boy" CD to be released and then like buses three of the fuckers turn up at roughly the same time. This latest, although Bear Boy may have released even more which I’m not aware of, is another slight change of direction from "Bite Back" & ‘Blood on our Hands" as reviewed elsewhere. One does wonder, and I really don’t want to go there, what weirdness goes on in his head.

"The Aim of Religion" is the longer of the three releases clocking in at round about the 44 minute mark and as such allows our Huggy, as I’ll call him from now on, free reign to totally mind fuck one and all. Assaulting the listener with a barrage of white noise and power electronics and tempering it out with various samples of a religious / political stance our Huggy goes straight for the jugular like an anorexic vampire. Truly this is one sick puppy in need of immediate therapy. Is "The Aim of Religion" a concept recording? Is "The Aim of Religion" in any way remotely musical? The answers are: don’t know / might be and no. "The Aim of Religion" is a glorified bastard of relentless brain numbing and soul destroying noise that revels in its disruptive power to fuck you big time. Take it like a man. Better still just take it.

In his own way Huggy is slowing but surely carving out a reputation for himself with each passing release as an artist of repute and one that can only be further enhanced as more people become aware of him. Grab a piece of the action while you still can.



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