3" CDR: Abrasive [2004]

Blood On Your Hands
The Right Of Diss-ease 2

I really like this guy. Seriously. I really, really like him. In fact I like him so much I’m going to invite him round to my gaffe for a smoke and some JD. I’ll even let him fuck my wife if he wants. Someone has to. I gave up on that bad experience years ago.

"Blood on our Hands" is even better…and I never thought I would say that…than the previous "Bite Back" release by him [review]. Coming in another sweet 3 inch CD the three tracks here sound like a cross between the best bits of Brighter Death Now & Folkstorm. Now that is a high recommendation. What’s even better is that he lives up to this highest of accolades…and some. If you like the afore mentioned groups, or throbbing electronics, or munched up squeals, or fucked up loops, or music that sets the blood flowing and pumping then "Blood on our Hands" is for you. Beautiful noise for ugly people and spastics.

The Bear Faced Boy is ‘the man of the moment’ and "Blood on our Hands" is seriously great shit. I only hope he li kes fucking a corpse.



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