3" CDR: Abrasive [2004]

Our Problem
Bite Back
Stand Up

It’s funny how certain words can put weird pictures in your head that you then can’t dispel no matter how hard you try. As soon as I read the name ‘The Bear Faced Boy’ I automatically thought of a guy walking around with the head of Yogi Bear perched on his shoulders. Why? Fuck knows. That’s just the way my mind works. So who is artist with a cartoon head? I haven’t a Scooby. Shit…another cartoon reference. Must get a grip. Must concentrate. Compose yourself Big Al.

Eradicate all thoughts of caricature carnivores. "Bite Back" is a dainty 4 track 3 inch CD by our every day friendly bear. It may be his debut recording. I don’t know. You may have heard of him before. Congratulations if you have. I haven’t mores the pity. "Bite Back" is a sleazy gritty combination of abrasive noise and samples that never outstays its welcome. The noise pieces aren’t too painful on the ear making getting into them an easy task. Unlike some noise recordings I could mention. Starting off with what sounds like a Jewish song loop overlaid with assorted distorted effects it progresses into what I would call ‘machine’ like noise that’s really quite invigorating. Music to purge the soul. The rest of the tracks continue along this vein with further samples, submerged vocals, and OTT electronics.

This is very impressive stuff and worth giving a try if you’re after something to give you a quick 20 minute buzz. Yabba fuckin Doo Boo Boo. Or was that some other cunting cartoon I’m thinking of? If you actually buy this recording and enjoy it then you’ll love.. [Blood on Our Hands].



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