CDR: Backwards Records [2005]
Ltd x 50

Horse Filth Loop (Original) - SS
Horse Filth - Nova Sak
Anger Pony - SS
Horse Filth - DJ L.A.M.P.
Filthy Mix - Koma Fuzz
Gluefac - SS
Paroxysms Of Youth - XISIX
Spasmpony - SS

The horse fixated "Pony Puree" EP is a collection of original tracks and remixes of the opening loop by assorted noise artists. Patrick Urn, otherwise known as the wonderfully named Syphilis Sauna, releases "Pony Puree" following a series of compilation, EP and full-length releases (mostly on his co-owned Backwards Records imprint) from 2000 onwards.

Starting with 'Horse Filth Loop (Original)', which forms the basis for the remixes included in this EP, Urn contributes 3 other tracks/remixes of his own to the release. 'Horse Filth Loop' itself is basically 42 seconds of fairly abrasive noise that has been offered to collaborating artists to remix for the EP. Nova Sak basically take the screeching haze of noise and add more static drenched layers to form a dense low crackling drone. Urn's first contribution - 'Angerpony' - starts in the same way but soon heads in another direction, taking some of the weird alien vocal elements of the original and adding huge pounding industrial bass to liven things up. DJ Lamp's remix starts all manic but soon breaks down into elastic breaks and smooth moody electronics while the very short Koma Fuzz rework concentrates on dark subterranean drones. Urn's second track, 'Gluefac', again revisits the huge industrial rhythmic pounding of his first track but heads in a slightly more fragmented abstract direction. XISIX's remix focuses on a patchwork of diversely amusing yet appropriate samples and nightmarish screeches over an urgent heart-like beat. Closing the EP is Urn's final and shortest track, the still more abstract and fractured 'Spasmpony'.

Described by the label as "deconstructed glitch sound and trashtronica", Urn's music ranges from glitch noise to rhythmic industrial dark ambience. Most of his music falls in the latter category but lapses into the former as it gets more adventurous and experimental. This is evident across the 3 tracks on this EP that get increasingly broken and random as the end of the EP approaches. Of the remixes, DJ Lamp's is probably the most adventurous given the source material although Urn's own tracks stand out as the most accomplished of the set.


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