CD: SSSM 104 [2001]

Cripple Cum Inside
Nuclear Nostril Noodle (Extended Version)
Tandoor Chicken Scooter
Zombie Lullaby
Gopfedammisiech I
Gopfedammisiech II
Pump Action
Ne Me Quitte Pas (J. Brel)
Taipei Truck Tyres Transform Turds
Hysterical Type Of Gaseous Abdominal Bloating

There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of that if you have (x) amount of monkeys sat in front of (x) amount of typewriters then they will eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Unless of course Mary Chippenfield is in charge of the monkeys. In which case you end up with (x) amount of dead monkeys.

Taking a modern slant on this saying, and putting it in context with this review, you could take 5 monkeys and give then access to a CD writer, tape machine, microphone and a couple of instruments and this would be the end result. I’m all for a bit of avant fuckery now and then. Good for cleansing the soul. Unfortunately "Ear Wash" did absolutely nothing for me. I found it a tiresome and irritating recording that took all of my self discipline to stop hitting the off button on my CD deck. The sounds of some sub simian moron making noises from his mouth coupled with amateurish attempts at feedback noise / plinky plop music grated greatly on my nerves. Please God make this abomination stop. Of course this childish and braindead cacophony may be very much up your street. If this is the case then you are most certainly welcome to it. You can have my copy if you so wish. Buy a copy to play at weddings and funerals. Enjoy the carnage that will follow.

Possibly one of the worst recordings of all time, and that’s saying something, and this may in fact have been the prime motivation behind Sudden Infant releasing this. Congratulations. You’ve succeeded in your quest. Pass me a banana Mary. ‘Bubbles’ has another record to make.


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