CDR: Deserted Factory DF021 [2005]
Ltd x 100 numbered copies

Electron tube
The corridor of the empty rooms

Field recordings are the new black. It seems that no where on this planet has some artist not set up their recording equipment then taken the results home and processed and manipulated them into pieces of music. The end product is either very easy ambience on the ear or a shambles of experimental tomfoolery gone mad. My own musical collection already has CDs from deserted catholic schools, Indian market places, barbed wire, volcanoes, flour mills, seaside towns, birds, insects, books…the list is endless. If you can stick a microphone near it you can be assured someone somewhere will have produced a cd dedicated to it.

Subinterior (the artist who appeared as drummer on Canaan & Weltschmerz) has used everything from lathes to doors to wheels and beyond to tape his atmospheres before adding a bit of technical know how and jiggery pokey to create a recording which straddles all the ambient styles. Without the aid of proper (or what most people would regard as proper) instrumentation this experimental side to music should never be ignored. The soundscapes created here over the six tracks are just as varied and intense as anything released using conventional methods. Haunting and brooding, with a fine line in sub base like throbs, there is a brilliant sheen of black ambience that dominates and permeates the pieces. The slow build up of some of the sounds raises in intensity but never crosses the unmarked line into total noise whiteout, whilst others take on dreamlike floating forms creating ethereal dimensions. The very nature of procuring the sources for this music from such unusual places will put a lot of people off experiencing the Subinterior sound for themselves.

Mentioning the word ‘experimental’ is the kiss of death . So don’t think of "Obstacles" as experimental. Don’t even think about where the sounds utilised originated from. Instead open your mind and let Subinterior be your guide and host to music that will take you on a magical journey through the different foothills of ambient lands.


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