3" CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-18 [2006]
Ltd x 198


You won’t believe this… but its true. I don’t actually enjoy music when I review it. Should I write this? Should I write that? Concentrating instead of appreciating. My judgements occasionally clouded by moods and time restraints. Only afterwards… when the words have been written and the review has been submitted… can I relax without the hindrance of the thought processes interrupting the flow. The negative side to this is that on revisiting previous releases I realise too late that maybe I was overly harsh with my wording. I might have got it wrong. Not all the time mind. But occasionally… yes.

I nailed the first release by Subhuman though. I’ve listened to it many times since and stand by my words. Here was an act that showed great promise and grounding which I hoped future recording would build on. Well I don’t know if they took in what I wrote (I don’t have an ego that would dare suggest otherwise) but they have delivered on all counts with this follow on release.

Working within, primarily, the martial musical spectrum this sub 20 minute limited, 198 copies, CDR is a little gem of a recording. The sort of music that would act as an accompaniment to any of the WW2 programmes currently running on the History channel. Some nice sampled speeches, bomb dropping effects, screams, strident drum rolls, piano pieces, symphonic synth lines, drone effects etc makes for an intriguing mixture throughout the 5 tracks. There’s a distinct lack of overkill / overblown theatre, a crime so many have fallen foul of before, making for a more understated but no less compelling piece of work. It gets its message across in a more subtle but no less substantial way. Something others would do best to follow.

The martial music fans amongst you, and I know that there are many, will undoubtedly seek this out. Quite rightly so. "Untitled 2"’ is an unqualified success. The sort of music not afraid to wear its heart on its emotional sleeve. And now that I’m finished this review I can actually now go and appreciate it a whole lot more.


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