CD: Spectre S15 [2004]

Homo Exterior
Bete Noire II
Jack The Brainwasher

Stupor. Great name. It makes me recall all my drug driven and drunken experiences that ended in a badly bruised body, usually covered in vomit or urine or shit, or a combination of all three together. Great days. Sadly missed with the passage of time.

"Bete Noire" is a classy recording that fully reflects the name of a group that means ‘helpless amazement’. It’s a wonderful combination of dark ambient and beat driven, think of any Ant Zen act but less aggressive, music that fits together perfectly like a child’s seven piece jig saw puzzle. It shouldn’t really work but somehow it does. From the cavernous blackness of ‘Homo Exterior’ to the machine drones of ‘Jamaradga’ and beyond it just gets better with every listen. I appreciate any music that twists and turns in every direction, grabbing my attention in a vice like grip, and ‘Bete Noire’ has this effect in spades. A recording that deserves to be in everyone’s collection. Go on treat yourself. You know you’re worth it. No other fucker thinks so.


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