CD: Achtung Baby! ABCD006 [2002]
Ltd x 474

Complainte du Partisan (Oradour I)
La Mort est Allemande
La Marche Sanglante
Le Massacre (Oradour II)
Le Chant de la Liberation
La Cloche d'Oradour
Morts pour la France (Oradour III)
A la Memoire de Notres Pauvres Petits Martyrs
La Victoire

"Oradour" is a limited edition release of 474 copies on the cult Russian ‘Achtung Baby’ label by this new (ish) German act. The CD is housed in a nice digipak sealed with a grey ribbon. Which you have to cut to get to the CD inside. Not very clever fellas. This pissed me off big time.

Thankfully the 10 tracks on the recording made me forget all about the blood I spilt cutting it open with a Stanley knife. The music of Stahlwerk 9 is very much in the brooding dark military noise style that has become so popular lately. Think of any other bands working within these genres and stick them in here. "Oradour" is comparable to any of them. Relaxing, hypnotic repetitive loops and drone like pieces coupled with militaristic bombast are the order of the day with a smattering of French samples thrown in for good measure. Don’t get me started on the bloody French. I’ve had a gutful of their whining lately. Although not the most original in concept recordings the whole of "Oradour" is pieced together so well that you’ll keep returning to it. The sign of a great recording.

Stahlwerk 9 is definitely a name to look out for in the future. Overall I rate this exceedingly highly and enjoyed every single minute, fuckin’ French samples and all, and if you can find a copy so will you.


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