3" CDR: Operator Produkzion 04 [2005]
Ltd x 157

Church For Citizens With Disabilities
Tender Care
Ugliness To Breed
Yloh Tirw

I suppose I really should take the time out to learn Russian. With the over abundance of music currently being released from that country it would help with writing these reviews up in the long run. I did try to gleam more information about this release from the Operator Produkzion website but as there was no English version available I flailed around impotently. I was literary lost in translation.

Here’s all I know. This is the fourth release on this label. The SS is short for Sudanstrain, with a split recording with Narrowmind already out [read review here], which works within the spectre of power electronics and also the artist involved has the more drone influenced Polaris project currently on the go. "HA PP Y ERA VEY" is a limited edition, only 157 copies, 5 track 3" CDR release. Or it could be a 3 inch cd release. It’s a 3 incher anyway in whatever format. I just wish that these labels would send out a decent, or for that matter, any press release to help the linguistic paupers amongst us make some sense of it all. They’ve only themselves to blame if I’m factually wrong.

Music of course knows no boundaries, languages included, so your knowledge, or lack of, won’t spoil the enjoyment if frantic electronic noise be your thing. Taking an almost backward step into early Industrial culture the five pieces offer a blistering look into the mindset of the artist involved. Heavy…bloody heavy…analogue, possibly, equipment forge out the sounds that encapsulate a time gone by when the likes of SPK and Throbbing Gristle ruled the roost. Preserving the past in the future seems to be the SS mandate. And why not? There’s nothing like hearing an updated take on early electronic music to set the pulse racing. The heady combination of repetitive looped noise coupled with assorted screamed vocals and samples never seems out of time.

To his credit the artist…whose name remains unknown…obviously knows his musical heritage and used this to his advantage. The sounds he produces from his equipment is ominously oppressive and harsh but isn’t without its mellower passages which counteracts the abrasive noise overtures that are so predominant. Which really sums up everything about this recording. A modern attempt to revitalise a much maligned genre has been successfully achieved by the artist in a way that surpassed expectations. Seriously worth your consideration if this be your thing.


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