CD: Manifold [2004]


The story behind this release goes something along these lines from what information I‘ve gathered. "Re:Heat" was initially going to be included as a bonus CDr disc with "Dead Weather Machine" but the powers that be decided that it was so good that it should be given its own release and be viewed as a companion piece to the original "Dead Weather Machine". Therefore what you’re paying for and getting is one track of a further hour of music from the dying rasps of the heating machine in question.

I really don’t have a problem with "Re:Heat". It melds seamlessly with the original recording and acts as a natural progression to the electrifying sounds that have been captured by the artist. As a stand alone recording the machine ambience would be worthy of anyone’s attention and justifies the money spent on it but taken in tandem with the original it makes for a fitting completion to the cycle started with "Dead Weather Machine". Where I do have a worry is that anyone who purchases "Dead Weather Machine", and loves it like they will, may then miss out on "Re:Heat" because they’ve all sold out. Why this wasn’t put out with "Dead Weather Machine" as a proper double CD release only the marketing people can tell. It’s beyond me to comprehend.

Read the review of "Dead Weather Machine" then please, please, please, buy both at the same time to avoid the massive disappointment of missing out on "Re:Heat". You will surely regret it if you don’t follow my advice.


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