CD: Beyond Productions BEY.0331

Pattern in Time
Lost Fado
Music for Mr. Ambient
Music Box 1
Pianka Do Golenia
Song for Dong
Rain Music
Inarticulate Pattern

13:00 hrs: Plays CD.

13:58 hrs: CD stops. Hits replay button.

14:56 hrs: Removes CD. Moves upstairs, boots up computer and opens word processor. Puts CD back on.

15:00 hrs: Starts to type – "Les Débris de L'été" begins with a serene journey through a pastoral alien field before taking a sharp detour into an ominous laden township.

15:15 hrs: Hits delete. No-one will understand that.

15:20 hrs: Types - Sostrah Tinnitus is a side project of Tvmvlvs Seraphim and comprises 10 tracks of light / dark ambience that borders closely on the experimental side of music.

15:25 hrs: Hits delete again. Not enough information and too formal. Lights up a cigarette. Bathes in glorious sounds emerging from the speakers.

15:30 hrs: Stubs out cigarette. Continues enjoying music. Drifts off in a dreamlike state until music finishes.

16:05 hrs: Plays CDagain. Types – The merging of different musical styles weaves a intricate pattern forcing the listener to contemplate and disseminate everything that has just been heard.

16:10 hrs: Hits delete once more. Far too pretentious.

16:25 hrs: Types – If you enjoy music to confound your expectations or are willing to try something out of the ordinary then "Les Débris de L'été" is for you.

16:30 hrs: Hits delete for last time. My amateur outpourings aren’t making the grade.

16:33 hrs: Shuts down computer. Goes back down stairs and replays CD. Sometimes words aren’t adequate enough to describe a piece of music when the music itself speaks such volumes.



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