SOMNIVORE: 1818-1991
CDR: Kaarna Productions 01 [2005]
Ltd x 60

I. Sought By Few, Scared By Many [Karelia, 1818]
II. Vuon Alinen I - Hukuin [Baltimore, 1849]
III. Vuon Alinen II - Nekark ja Sulituan toistensa peileinä [Paris, 1870]
IV. Debate With The Green Fairy [Malromé, 1901]
V. Robota [Prague, 1921]
VI. Särjettyjen ikkunoiden yö [Berlin, 1938]
VII. Ie Aie Yö [Stalingrad, 1942]
VIII. A Dialogue Between A Gasmask And The Face Of The Sun [Baghdad, 1991]

Time to break the bad news first…which by the way isn’t the first time I’ve had to write such words in the introduction to a review. You’ll be very hard pushed to find a copy of this mighty fine CDR recording anywhere. Limited to only 60 copies its long since been snaffled up by disconcerting audio collectors or sent to zealous reviewers like myself. Tough love to the rest of you. The library of Lapland…this is true…has a copy to borrow should you be passing there on your travels. Although I don’t condone such acts…if for some strange reason you were in Lapland I would recommend you take it out and then forget to hand it back. The good news is that there will be another Somnivore release through Tantric Harmonies in the near future…or whenever in other words.

Like a quiz show loser let’s see what you might have won if you could have picked up your own copy of "1818-1991". Unique packaging for one. Each copy came in a fabric bag with a small card collage…every one different…and a nice paper information sheet. Next up the music. Ah…the music. What we have here on "1818-1991" is eight tracks of superbly crafted music that touches on melodic floaty sound sculptures with slight diversions into the recesses of dark ambient areas with a faint waft of experimental ventures and tendencies thrown in for added structure and pizzazz. Throw in the odd beat, sample, vocal malformation and some drone work for the complete picture. Which all adds up to a highly desirable concoction that has been skillfully crafted and produced. The whole quality of this recording from the music to the packaging is something else to behold and an utter pleasure to own. If it wasn’t for the fact that it will be near impossible for a mere mortal to find a copy I c ould happily wax lyrically for a further 1,000 words on just how impeccable ‘1818-1991’ is. Instead I’ll leave you with this thought…watch out for future Somnivore releases. The stars shine brightly for this Laplander.



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