CD: Sublight Records [2006]

B Boy 3000
Combined Forces
Disintergration March
Mixed Bag
Nowtrow Music
Strangulartk Robot
Woken Pt2

Welsh brothers John and Paul Healy return with their latest album in the guise of the critically acclaimed Somatic Responses. Refining their skills over several years and many releases, the Healys have an intuitive ability to create quality rhythmic noise/post industrial electronic music with apparent ease. Incorporating everything from symphonic, ambient, drone, industrial and noise influences - sometimes all at the same time! - they produce quality sonic enjoyment with almost every release.

"Giauzar" adopts a trick the Healys have used before; it lulls you into a state of comforting relaxation at the start with the lush flowing 'Split' and then turns up the intensity immediately and to great effect with the fractured breaks of 'B Boy 3000' which resembles a totally destroyed Haunted Dancehall era Sabres of Paradise. 'Combined Forces' provides support to maintain the assault while 'Heliuminum' turns things on their head in dubby IDM style. Just when you think you have their trademark sound nailed, the Healys pull something out of the bag that shatters your preconception of what they are all about. Not content with that, the Healy brothers throw another curveball with the fittingly titled 'Disintegration March', a messed up mix of pulsating bass with elements of Orbital (!?!) influenced melodies and hard metallic beats. Then there is the strangely addictive 'Germ' with its plodding bass, rapid tribal beats, digital whirs and sharp industrial edges. At only the half way point, "Giauzar" has already delivered on its promise of being another impressive Somatic Responses album. The appropriately named 'Mixed Bag' follows with an oddly satisfying mix of digital scratches, crunchy beats and floating futuristic synths. Add to this the tropical rhythms of the title track, crazed metallic beats of 'Sigitta', the dense mayhem of 'Shell' or slightly disturbing vocoder vocals and deep bassline of 'Strangulatortk Robot' and you have the makings of another great Somatic Responses album.

"Giauzar" twists and turns in subtly different directions from track to track but sits together wonderfully, as you might expect from these guys. Long established and respected on the rhythmic / industrial noise scene, their ability to fuse genres and stay true to their industrial/noise roots is undeniable.


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