CD: NoÏzika [2005]

2002 space prankster
2002 special patrol
2002 suspicious people
2002 strident program
2002 streamlined plasma
2004 slug pullets
2004 stoic prawn
2004 sturdy protozoon
2005 sonic paradise
2005 sulphuric planet
2005 space parasite
2005 simple progression
1995 subsoil parasite (bonus track)

Solvo Propane is the solo project of a French artist, musician and webzine editor known only as Khylvyh. His musical background goes way back to 1993 and includes arranging raves and techno / industrial parties, DJing at those parties, releasing a techno album "Arkhanicq" in 1994 and his first demo EP as Solvo Propane in 1996. The Solvo Propane project started out as a part hardcore techno, part industrial project but has slowly progressed towards a hybrid of the 2 that Khylvyh calls "MIT" or "Mechanical Industrial Teknoize". Described as "too techno" by some and "too industrial" for others, the Space Parasite album is a chronological series of tracks charting Khylvyh's progression towards the creation of the MIT concept.

The first thing that is noticeable about the "Space Parasite" album (besides the fact everything has two words beginning with 'S' and 'P' respectively) is it's in your face energy. There's no pretence to try and be anything other than a hard industrial techno album with a healthy injection of noise to keep the energy levels up. Khylvyh's observation is generally accurate, occasionally Space Parasite does lean more towards the techno side of things but on the whole it is largely focussed on hard industrial techno. Right from the start with 'Space Prankster', Khylvyh hits with a distorted flurry of noisy beats and pounding bass, maintaining the intensity throughout. From time to time however, he likes to throw in something a little unexpected like the tribal drums in 'Suspicious People' or choir interlude in 'Sonic Paradise'. Occasionally, Khylvyh also chooses to lose some of the noise influences and focus more on the hard techno side of his sound, as 'Streamlined Plasma' illustrates. The other observation this 8 minute track proves is that although Khylvyh's music is repetitive it does also subtly shift and mutate to maintain interest where lack of creativity can cause such music to become stale.

"Space Parasite" is undoubtedly a high energy beat driven album focussing on intense repetitive beats that fuses elements of rhythmic noise and hard techno genres. It has its own infectious quality but the jury is out on whether the combination will appeal to either the techno or noise enthusiasts or indeed either camp.


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