CDR: Sistrenatus [2005]


There are 365 days in the year. Every one of those days sees the release of a debut recording by some new artist / group into the many different genres of music as covered by Aural Pressure. Think I’m exaggerating. Think again. Thanks to modern technology and cheaper manufacturing costs anyone with a bit of savvy can churn out a piece of music onto CDR…and normally does. What separates the winners from the losers is a little spoken about thing called talent. Without talent you might as well piss into the wind. Today…Wednesday…it’s the turn of Sistrenatus to unleash his debut recording onto an unsuspecting world. Have a nice day.

Lets discuss the Sistrenatus website first. Every artist worth his salt needs a website to promote themselves. The Sistrenatus website is nicely laid out and professional looking. Not really a lot on there at the moment mind but give it time. This 5 track debut of just over 22 minutes…running times are important in my book…is an adventurous foray into black ambience and noise. Getting this mix to gel and work well means walking a very thin tightrope with no safety net below. Make it too power noisy and you’ll alienate the black ambient crowd. Make it too black ambient and vice versa applies. Thankfully Sistrenatus manages to maintain a fine balance between both these genres throughout making for a very pleasurable experience. From the slow tension building pieces with subtle and sometimes frightening voice and effects with additional samples to the other worldly sound piece that finishes the recording the results are quite simply gratifying and in places pretty electrifying. Although breaking no new boundaries or taking music into uncharted realms what Sistrenatus has achieved is a showcase for his undoubted talent. A calling card marking his arrival on the scene.

If I was an optimist I would say that this will sell by the shit load…which it fully deserves…and that some record label entrepreneur will snap him up for future bigger releases. Being the eternal pessimist I feel that there’s just too much competition out there in a very small and overcrowded market and Sistrenatus may well struggle to get his music heard above others. Even though I highly rate this I doubt this will be enough to elevate him to the higher echelons. It would be nice to be proved wrong for once.

STOP PRESS: Wonders never cease. I’ve since found out that a record label, of undeniable repute, has taken the plunge and the music of Sistrenatus will be available to a wider audience. He deserves it solely on this showing alone.Must keep the faith more. Lesson learnt.



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