3" CDR: Abgurd Subdivision AB-14 [2005]
Ltd x 256

Sister Loolomie:

The Colour Out Of Space


The Shadow Out Of Space

For your listening pleasure…and you’ve got to trust me on this one…comes another release from the Russian Abgurd label and their most easily accessible release to date to. Featuring one track apiece from Sister Loolomie and Polaris ( best known for Sudanstrain ) in a 3" CDR limited (but of course) to 256 copies.

The two acts have a 10 + minute piece each where the explore the wonderful world of drones and dark ambience in their own inimitable styles. Sister Loolomie’s piece ‘The colour out of space’ uses guitars and electronics to slowly draw the listener into their world from the off. Building upon taunt strung out notes they add a faint background sample as the intensity of the music increases to almost breaking point. As the voices become more discernable so to does the volume of music threatening to drown them out forever as the piece reaches fever pitch collapsing in on itself. Polaris’s piece ‘The shadow out of space’ is a much deeper darker affair. Reflecting on the cold vast vacuum of space itself, the music conjures up solar flares and winds with faint signals bouncing back and forth. Empty but for the debris and far off planets and stars it’s a lonely journey into the blackness. The music is almost minimalist as the drones are quietly drawn out with the occasional flourish adding flesh to the bare bones of the piece.

For twenty minutes this is the opportunity to lose yourself in the company of both these acts. The track by Polaris was the biggest surprise, certainly after hearing Sudanstrain, and was comparable to the best in space ambient music available. This shouldn’t detract from the fact that both acts have contributed excellent evocative pieces which deserve a wider audience.


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