CD: Old Europa Cafe OECD069 [2004]

Beyond Eternity
In Search of Eve

The third full length album, "Upuaut" from Slovakian atmospheric conjurer’s, Simulacrum; mantles itself with the concept of the Egyptian symbol of Ubuat/Web-wawet (though incorrectly presented here in the oft mistranslated form by Western culture as Upuat/Upuaut), the Opener of the Way that is a divine form of Anbu (Anubis) who guides souls of the deceased through the regions of the Duat (the Underworld where souls go for transformations that lead to resurrection). As track titles suggest, it is with this concept in mind that the music revolves about.

Momentary gurgle of throat singing is ground beneath shifting blocks of granite, perhaps the ritually sealing a sarcophagus, dim percussion of ceremony outside the vast temple a subtle plea under the rattling of bone and floating strikes of piano notes. From this state the music launches itself into modern techno-rhythm swimming in a current buoyed on the themes explored and dense explosions of noise, pausing briefly in still pools before continuing the journey. ‘Beyond Eternity’ while driven on beats is less hurried and more ritualized, white noise rushes an ocean that is beyond death, a vast body full of ephemeral memories. Eventually this transmogrifies into pseudo-dub rhythm where peals of noise, high-frequency tones, and mangled synth drift before the listener is returned full circle. Continuing a very modern infusion, ‘Beings’ steps lazy hypnotic beats that ring with frostings of noise, dissonant melody, and oriental murmurings. Rasping stone upon stone cradles more lazy percussion in ‘In Search of Eve’ that appear for the most part far from the dark abyss into which it plummets, a vast abysm wreathed in vocal torments, of something akin to Barker’s Hellraiser before the track end in a curious mix of both expositions. Squealing metal and oscillating sine tones lure the listener in ‘Immortal’ before industrial pounding necessitates more and more haste and further chaos. The last track leaves static trails and whales of synth to corral tribal dirge with industrial classicism before the final obliteration in a dense shroud of noise.


[Old Europa Cafe]

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