CD: Palace Of Worms PO20W-2 [2005]

The Valley Of Unrest
Growing Apart
Hymn To Immortality
The Cemetary By The Sea
The Crown Of The Hill
The Garden Of Love
De Produndis Clamavi
My Pleasure Is Your Cause
Traitor Dawn
War Is Necessary
The Sacred Altar
Semper Eadem
Scented Night
The Sick Rose
Sweet Death

This segue of poetically inspired vignettes is the work of Juan Carlos Toledo and Miguel Angel Toledo who on this album have been inspired by the divers hands poets; Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, José De Espronceda, Rosalía De Castro, William Blake , Charles Baudelaire, Paul Valèry and Edgar Allan Poe. Gloomy and masterful company to be sure, as influences the aforementioned esteemed verse-smiths lend Silent Love of Death a dark thematic phrasing to explore in "The Poet's Senses".

The Spanish moiety craft for the most part dark haunts of the insightful bourns of meter and rhythm, their music a cross of romantic neofolk cantilevered with gothic martialism. Poignant vocals evince the drama of the verse without occluding the luxuriant musical accompaniment; glissando sweeps of stringed guitar, punctuated timpani and wistful electronic percussion, swooning violin and yawning cello, ethereal glockenspiel, distant bells, and the drawn breath synthesizer. With each track, Silent Love of Death's habitual attentiveness to musical dynamics gives room for each track to find its own pace, from the Lycia-esque gothic dance-floor sway of 'The Garden of Love', to the recitative with swollen droning background of 'The Crown of the Hill', and the esoteric round of 'My Pleasure is Your Cause',contravening what could have been a monotonous homage into an enjoyable fluorescent session. For fans of Death in June, Lycia, and European martial neofolk, Silent Love of Death is a welcome accretion to Palace of Worm's discography.

A jewel case release, with eight-page full colour booklet printed in card with full lyric sheet with peeling wallpaper broken with the framed portraits of the aforementioned poets as artwork throughout.


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