CDr: L-White Records LW-028 [2004]
Ltd x 200

Shrine Of Mutilation
The Masochist
Establishing Dominance
Under The Knife
Savagers and Contentment
Dismemberment (Remixed by Control)
Vollständige Ausweidung (Remixed by Azoikum)
Releasing The Anguish

Stalking seems like such a fun hobby. Pick a victim at random then proceed to make their life a living misery by stealing their underwear and sending obscene letters through the mail. The neat touch, and one guaranteed to have them reaching for the Prozac, is to phone their home and work at every conceivable hour and play them music down the phone to send them over the edge of sanity.

When I start stalking I’m going to use this release by Steel Hook Prostheses for my telephone terror campaign. I visualise my intended target picking up the receiver at 2am and receiving the sounds from the bowels of hell and the vocals of a wounded soul screaming at them making their tears flow like a Roman fountain. "Torturous Anxiety" is a recording to strike fear into the heart of normal people. Monumental portions of the blackest power electronics, sound samples and the voice of Darth Vader with a seriously bad head cold combine to make a sick piece of music that equally attracts and repulses. Picture a gangrenous boil breaking out over virgin white silky skin. The putrefying stench of despair hangs over this recording like an Iraq prison controlled by the Americans. Welcome to my world baby. No-one gets out of here alive. There’s a big breasted women who lives just down the road from me. Time to give her an early morning call.


[Steel Hook Prostheses] / [L-White]

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