7": Heidenlärm 06 [2005]
Ltd x 300

Shift: Battle Ahead
Operative Permanent: You Won't Always Have Your Friends Around

Ambiguous titles? Check. Group photo of balaclava clad members wearing HATE slogan t-shirts? Check. Image of an ominous looking housing block? Check. Ah yes, from the instant I picked this up it was obviously going to be a death industrial/ power electronics release!

For the A side Shift step up to the pulpit with their track 'Battle Ahead'. Built on a heavily grinding, slow paced loop, it is topped with a smattering of controlled distortion to round out the track. Quite a straight forward example of a death industrial sound really, which is not too far from the fields that Brighter Death Now have been plowing for some years now.

Alternately Operativ Permanent take a crack at the flip side, whom incidentally feature Lirim from the more well known project Institut. 'You won’t always have your friends around is' is their offering, serving up a heavy slab of free form power electronics noise, resplendent with a distorted/ shouted vocal delivery. The result?: the aural equivalent of a lunge at the jugular with a rusty blade.

While this split release could be criticized for lack of originality, to my mind this would be missing the point. By sticking to the orthodox elements of their style & sound, both projects are skilled enough to stand amongst their peers by creating tracks that are forceful & direct in their no frills & straight forward approach. Basically if you have read this far you should already know if this will float your boat, but if such music ‘aint your cup of tea, this won’t alter your palate to be salivating for a nice cup of earl grey.


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