CDR: Alfa Male Discharge 001 [2006]
Ltd x 60

Scorched Earth
Walk Alone
New Mask

There is a world out there that I’m not aware of. It’s a world populate by artists who I’ve never heard of. An alternative world know by only the select few. I’m an outsider. I’ve never been contaminated by their sounds. Until now. Better late than never I suppose. Pity it’s taken so long for me to become acquainted . Life is a permanent education. You learn things every day. Such as:

Shift are part of a growing underground UK Industrial noise scene. Which I never knew existed. They have appeared in AP before, but not reviewed by myself, thus my noble ignorance. Hailing from the south coast area of England they contribute two tracks to this split release on the first release from the Alpha Male Discharge record label. 'Scorched Earth’ is first up. A 7 minute retreat into extreme electronics and treated vocals with a slight rhythmic dynamic it was a far better offering than first feared. Cynic be my middle name. Actually it kind of grew on me with repeated plays. Their second piece ‘Walk Alone’ was even better. A mechanical beat acts as a heart to the piece over which an abundance of high / low frequencies, feedback of some description, more beats and hard to decipher vocals are layered on top. Coming in at just over 8 minutes I was pleasantly surprised by the piece. Though both tracks suffer from seemingly lo-fi values as the sound is too muted and cloudy in places for my liking. Which is maybe what they intended in the first place. I would have preferred a more clearer crispy sound but that’s probably down to my own personal taste.

Mutant Ape from Bradford did surprise me. The back catalogue of releases for one is something else. Merzbow has a rival in the productivity stakes. Contributing three tracks first up is ‘New Mask’. A sub 6 minutes of brazen uncontrolled feedback that merges eventually into one unholy racket. The affect of which is strangely alarming. Track two ‘Rehabit’ features a distorted spoken sample over frenzied feedback and drones for 4 minutes +. A slight comedown from the previous all out noise attack and one that at least shows a determination not to get stuck in the same repetitive musical rut which is so easy to do. Saving the best for last ‘Post-Violence’ goes out with a bang. A huge behemoth that attempts to bludgeon the listener into submission but tempers the noise in such a way as to make it almost, almost, bearable. I quite liked cardiac effects at the beginning and end. Cute.

The picture of a dead decaying bird on the front cover warns you what to expect. Music that is both intense and raw. Both acts contributing different takes on extreme electronic music. I did prefer, slightly, the Shift tracks over Mutant Ape but would gladly enter both their musical visions at some future time. Never exactly groundbreaking, extreme electronic music in all its forms has been done to death, but this split release has enough going for it to make it seriously worth investigating. There’s an unknown world of music out there just waiting to be discovered. Shift & Mutant Ape hold the map. The rest is up to you.


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