7": Heidenlärm 01 [2004]
Artwork by Stephen O'Malley

Hath No Fury

Jag Var I Kulverten

This is the first release on the newly formed Heidenlarm Label. It comes as a clear 7” vinyl in a fantastic package. They say first impressions are everything!

'Hath No Fury', the first of the two tracks, opens with some nice sinister vocals supported by an underlying dark ambient soundscape with strong industrial rhythms. This develops into industrial pounding (which really tests the speakers) with some well used synthesised sounds and melodies. The track continues along this industrial/drone route for some time then slowly fades out.

'Jag Var I Kulverten', the second track on the vinyl, opens into a vast industrial soundscape. This piece is not as rhythmical as the title track and is carried mainly by a subtle repetitive melody. The tones here are generated mainly from the mixing of a range of heavily distorted low and mid frequency textures. These low and mid frequency oscillations that dominate the early phase of the track subside giving way some confrontational higher frequency abrasions.


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