CDR: Apocalypic Radio / Nervous Nurs [2005]


With absolutely no promo material sent with this item, from my world wide web sleuthing skills I have gleaned that Shadow Theater are a duo, with one half also the project Flutwacht. Likewise it seems that the individual behind Flutwacht also runs Apocalyptic Radio, making this for all intents and purposes a self released item.

Not being a gothic or power metal band as the name might suggest, the live performance commences with a heavy neo classical melody that quickly degenerates into an all out maelstrom of improvised industrial strength noise with absolutely no let up for the duration of the entire 53 minutes. However given the sound quality is little more then a muddied, muffled mess (sounding like it was recorded with a hand held dictaphone), this is tedious recording to listen to. Now I’m sure that Shadow Theater would have been chuffed to be invited to perform live, however I see little merit in releasing a live document of the performance if the sound quality is anything less then spot on – of which this is certainly not.

To be blatantly harsh, this release warrants little attention and essentially represents an exercise in self indulgence for the artist. Likewise it serves only to add to the glut of releases that clog up the underground and diverts attention away from real gems to be found. Whilst I might have got this for free to review, I will say that my assessment of it would have been even more severe had I actually shelled out cash for this. You have been warned.


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