CDR: House Of The Last Light [2006]
Ltd x 999

Waste and void
One last lullaby
Anti sky
A slow dirge for a hearse on fire
Promise you wont look (Something to cry about)

No press release. Fuck!! No info to go on. Double fuck!! Go on the Internet. Try various combinations before I finally manage to track the group down on My I shouldn’t have to do this. Perhaps in future the group (if they ever release another recording) will actually takes the time to write a press release. Just a little one. Nothing fancy. I only need a few facts for reviewing purposes. Makes my task a damn sight easier.

Seven Morgues are based in Israel. There are three members of the group. They are Oren Ben Yosef, Raphael Tetro and Yaron Allouche. "Something to cry about" is the first release on the House of the last light record label. There are seven tracks on this debut (?) release. The music is a mixture of electronic dark ambience with some distorted feedback / power noise musical effects. Here’s a quick rundown of the tracks:

1: 'Waste and void'. 6minutes+. Heavy distortions over a plaintive electronic wavy background.

2: 'One last lullaby'. 7 minutes+. Unsettling dark ambient sound sculpture…with additional piano threads.

3: 'Twelve trees'. 8 minutes+. More of the same. Minus the piano. Nice tune hitting the front end.

4: 'Anti Sky'. 7minutes+. Mellow guitars and electronics. Breathy vocals. Very comforting until near the end. Then it goes into an interstellar overdrive of feedback.

5: 'A slow dirge for a hearse on fire'. 7 minutes+. Sounds exactly like the title states. If you can imagine a flaming hearse that is.

6: 'Promise you won’t look'. 6 minutes +. Starts slowly. Builds up to a fitting crescendo. More experimental than the rest.

7: No title. As in NO TITLE. 16 minutes+. Magnus opus. Piano led. Very slow. Full of sorrow. Quite harrowing if you put your mind to it. I’m crying already.

Unlike some of the more extreme music coming out of Israel of late Seven Morgues are a bit of a find. Their music is very accessible and, without being derogatory in any way, a pleasurable experience. Sounding not unlike A Silver Mount Zion crossed with… oh lets see… any artist currently plying the electronic ambience / power noise route. Although "Something to cry about" sounds actually better than that inadequate description. Contact them and give their music a go. If they can maintain this momentum their futures looking very bright indeed. With or without a fucking press release.


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