CD: Vivo 010CD [2004]

Phase 1: Containment State
Phase 2: Polarisation State
Phase 3: Transition State
Phase 4: Primary Impulses
Phase 5: Neural Separation
Phase 6: Assimilation State

The other two CDs I have languishing in my collection by S.E.T.I. are nice T.Dream / Space electronica type pieces with textured mulch, beats and garbled voices aplenty. "Probe" on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish. Not that I would recommend putting fish into a kettle unless you wanted to know what your grandma’s groin area smelt like.

Space plays an important part in this recording as actual sounds from space have been manipulated, treated and generally fucked with by both acts to produce…well…something extraordinary. Something indefinable. Something this side of strangeville. Experimental dark ambient music may not sum it up completely but it’s the nearest comparison I can muster up or think of. Definitely experimental. Definitely dark. But it’s more than this. So much more. The sounds that emerge kind of irritate and get under the skin. Squeaks, squalls, blips, bleeps and rasping sounds abound along with the ambient pieces. ‘Probe’ requires a great deal of concentration and perseverance from the listener to fully appreciate the artistry involved in this recorded. Only after repeated plays will the sounds make any type of sense to the seemingly random chaos that permeates and surrounds it.

If you have an open mind, not filled with preconceptions or bias about experimental music, then "Probe" is seriously worth investigating. You’ll only get out of it the time you’re willing to invest in this bewildering and quite exquisite in places recording.


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