CD: Three Plugs 002 [2004]

Sad Bitch

Screloma is the work of one Janichi Takahashi and is the second CD release from the newly formed Three Plugs record label in Japan. As the website for the label only mentions three releases I am naturally assuming that the label is pretty new. Then again I didn’t have my Japanese language converter installed in my computer so I could be missing out on vital details somewhere along the line. Lazy is as lazy does. In fact I’m also assuming that this is the debut release by Screloma…but again could be wrong. Won’t be the first or last time I’ve been caught out factually. Professionalism in reviewing was never my forte. Anyway at the end of the day it’s the music that counts…right?

"Dirt" is six tracks and 40+ minutes of an amalgamation of power electronics and rhythmic noise that wouldn’t be out of place on the Ant Zen record label. Comparisons to P.A.L, Hypnoskull and Converter spring readily to mind…with a little touch of Dissecting Table and Merzbow thrown in for good measure…all wrapped up in typical Japanese brutality and originality. If that sounds good to you then you won’t be disappointed. One thing the Japanese do so well (and Janichi is testament to this) is in creating chaotic noise fest music that is so powerfully vibrant and encompassing whilst inducing headaches of extraordinary epic proportions. "Dirt" literally erupts from the speakers in a hail of fury and speed laying to waste all before its destructive path. Untamed and unleashed like a wild beast on the prowl for fresh meat to feast upon. The call of the wild with a hunger to satiate. Raw muscular power with teeth to match. Can you dig it? Thundering beats compete against electronic distorted squeals and grunting vocals in a fight to the death as the orgy of noise reaches orgasmic proportions. Phew!! There is no middle ground when dealing with a recording like "Dirt’". Either you’ll take it to your bosom and cherish the sheer exuberance, stubborn audacity and power dynamics of the music on offer or you won’t.

Your head will be left aching, reeling and disorientated after hearing "Dirt" at full pelt but that’s a price well worth paying for in my book. Highly recommended, but you probably guessed that by now, and a recording that Janichi should be rightly proud of.


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