CD: Vivo Records 2004011 [2005]

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Mick Harris of Quoit, Napalm Death and Painkiller returns with a new release under one of his better known aliases, Scorn. "List of Takers" is a 70 minute jam session recorded live in October 2003 and later broadcast on Breaks FM's 'Liquid Injured Hearing Radio' show in January 2004. Consisting of just one long track, the session comprises of elements of other Scorn tracks mixed with new material.

"List of Takers" is hard to put into any one given musical category and fuses elements from the hip-hop, industrial, ambient drone and rhythmic noise genres. Still heavy on atmosphere and experimental texture, the album also features massive dubby basslines and thudding hip-hop beats that occasionally cascade over each other to the point of distortion. Sometimes lapsing into hazy voices under throbbing bass and buzzsaw vibration, Harris' music switches from dark nightmarish insanity to a pounding mechanised industrial throb. Wherever Harris takes this 70 minute exploration into the Scorn sound, the floor shaking bassline and relentless beats maintain a common thread between the subtly shifting moods and atmospheres being explored. Just as things veer off towards (relatively) gentler hip-hop breaks, a darker more sinister mood slowly starts to descend, with an ever present low undulating drone permeating throughout the whole thing. From time to time, at the halfway point for example, the low background drones come to the forefront like a fleet of passing World War II planes before disappearing into the distance.

The deep slow mechanical throb and steady grinding drone makes "List of Takers" the kind of album that can be absorbing and trance-inducing but on the other hand can be dark and disturbing, depending on the listener. To experience a musical improvisation like this in a live situation should be completely submersive and liberating. Sometimes uplifting, sometimes intense and at other times disturbing, "List of Takers" takes the listener on a sonic exploration full of subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) twists and turns in sound.


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