CD: Cold Spring Records CSR45CD [2004]

Last Glint Of Consciousness
Zero Situation
Felgeschrei (Folkstorm ST remix)
The Demon That Feeds On The Chaos Of Man
Collapse Of The Wave Function
Unsub (Insect Mind)
Technocore (Iteration X)
Anti-Life Equation
 a. Auto-Special Doctrine
 b. Strike Code Launch
 c. Autonomous Killing Systems
Black Static Transmission
The Hidden Variable
Invitation To An Outrage (Reptilian Mind)

Schloss Tegal have never changed musically throughout their recording career. They’ve stuck rigidly to their winning formula of outer world / Sci-Fi / doom and gloom ambient soundscapes, coupled with the strangest voice loops ever heard, which is something we should all give thanks for. What sets the Tegal apart from other groups working within this broad sphere of music is the manner in which they tackle subject matters no-one else would think or dare of trying. Alien abductions, Sexual Psychosis, Voices from the dead, Human experiments and more have all been given the Tegal treatment marking them out as the groundbreaking and taboo busting giants that they are.

"Neoterrik Research" gathers together most of the rare and deleted vinyl & CD recordings of Tegal into one neat and compact package. No amount of words can ever, or will ever fully do justice to the music of ‘Tegal’. They are an experience that once heard will never be forgotten. Their haunting music burrows deep into the subconscious never to be eradicated from memory. This recording serves as an ideal introduction to the intimate world of Tegal for those unfortunate enough never to have lived through the Tegal experience before. For dedicated fans it serves as a stop gap until the next recording is finally released, which I believe should be later this year, and for completists like myself it's manna from Heaven.

Live the dream and purchase this as soon as you can. You’ll only hate yourself if you don’t.


[Schloss Tegal] / [Cold Spring]

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