7": Miisc r006 [2004]
Ltd x 300

Mitarbeiter der Wahrheit

This lovely little 7" single from miisc comes fronted with a surreal cartoon of a bound woman and a pair of birds, and backed with a set of manipulated images from nature, bordered in earthy orange.

'Mitarbeiter der Wehrheit', on the a-side - 'Colleague of the Truth' ? - opens with the screech of rending metal, and breaks into a gravelly, syncopated percussion groove. Small noises screech and chitter in the background like strange animals, a saxophone flutters in the distance, and midway through, our protagonists stop to detune a simulated radio.

'Hirnsuite', on the reverse - 'Brain Suite' perhaps and a hairy Joycean pun? - loses the beats and swims back through a similar menagerie of sounds, armed with shimmering pads and a double bass played with a bow.

The use of live instruments and naturalistic found-sounds, and the selection of rich sample textures, gives this release an organic warmth and depth lacking on many superficially similar offerings. Music to my ears.


[Suspicion Breeds Confidence] / [Miisc]

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