CD: Storm Records STRM-10 [2004]

Barbara Carmina a.C.
Fero, Bravo e Forte
O Espirito do Fogo
Limia, Flumen Oblivionis
Sete Punhaladas
Entre Castro e Castril
Cantiga do Sol-Posto
Montanha de Luz
Fror das Frores
Tu Puerta Sta un Nino
Rio Douro
Campo de Viboras
Romance de Cego
Cortejo Triumphal
Flumen Cavallum
Barbara Carmina d.C.

Originaly recorded on 2001 on a 4-track tape recorder in Portugal and remastered later in 2003, collecting influences from Galicia and Northern Portuguese folk music, Sangre Cavallum uses a myriad of typical instruments (bagpipe, tambourine, flutes, tin whistles, mandolin, iberian lute, lyre, etc) and with all lyrics in portuguese, male and female voices can at some times on the more slow and ambient parts slighty remind us of Wolfskin or Karnnos on others, both Portuguese as well.

It's a very long running album, that comes on a nice digipack filled with old pictures and features a few traditional Portuguese songs that might get recognized when heard by the Portuguese readers out there, the only drawback is that most of the album is slow paced and can at some times be a bit tiring if you're not on the proper mood for it.

Recomended for those who enjoy more typical medieval and fully acoustic music, first release in quite some time from Blood Axis' Storm Records.



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