CD: Cold Meat Industry CMI132 [2004]
First x 2000 in 6-panel digipak

Lie low
Let's eat
A pose
Shut up
Let's play

We all make mistakes. Call it part of the growing up process. I’ve made a few so far in my time on planet Earth. Married the wrong sister. Driven into a tree whilst ripped to the tits on drugs. Kicked fifteen colours of shit out of a guy who couldn’t fight back. Turns out he was deaf and blind. Oops!

Even now I still make mistakes. Take the music of Sanctum as an example. The first I heard of this band was on the "Absolute Supper" compilation and did I follow up my curiosity to what I heard? Did I fuck! I went and bought other releases missing out on the Sanctum experience. Big mistake. But mistakes can be rectified. I shagged the other sister, apologised to the tree, phoned the emergency services for ‘Tommy’ and will now seek out all the back catalogue of Sanctum after having the pleasure of hearing their CD.

"Let’s Eat" is a mixture of classical textures and electronics (some distorted slightly) coupled with strong beats and male & female vocals. The male voice in particular is very gruff and menacing whilst the female voice is angelic in texture. They compliment each other like salt and pepper…although it would have been nice to hear more of the female vocals. The music of Sanctum is very difficult to place within any specific genre. Square peg for a round hole syndrome ahoy. This isn’t the usual fair served up by Cold Meat Industry records, and should be approached accordingly, but if strong songs backed by accomplished easy on the ear music is your forte then you’ll gain a great deal of pleasure from "Let’s Eat". Tuck in and enjoy. Bon appetite.


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