3" CD: Room40 EDRM406 [2006]

h [ ]

Fresh from the hotbed of sonic activity that is Room 40, come two fine 3” CD releases from Samartzis / Inada, and Samartzis / English [read review here]. This label has been steadily growing in pace and ambition in it’s output, firmly highlighted by last year’s epic, “Opaque” album by Steinbruchel, one of my favourite releases of the year.

The Samartzis / Inada release is an oblique take on musique concrete, juxtaposing Samartzis’ resonant tonescapes against the abrasive, slightly mystical location recordings presented by Inada. On paper, this is a complex proposition, but both artists deftly handle the medium, and presumably the final edit, with exquisite craftsmanship. “h [ ]” has the ghost of early Hafler Trio in the works, conjuring up soundscapes that resist easy categorisation. Rapid edits between atmosphere sequences throw us from the sound of disembodied chimes overlaid on a sub-harmonic bass tone, to the sound of gulls, distant speech, and eerie warblings woven into an exquisitely handled electronic tonescape. At 20 something minutes, however, it is all over far too soon as I am gradually being lured into the world of Samartzis and Inada.


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