3" CD: Room40 EDRM407 [2006]

Faster Than Cold
Gut Bucket Blues
Goin' Back Home
Phosphorescent Clouds

“One Plus One” is a four track turntablist excursion, rendered this time by Samartzis and label founder Lawrence English. Both artists have had sufficient experience of turntablism to transform their initial live experiments at Brisbane’s Metro Arts Space into a successful studio collaboration.

Easy listening this isn’t, as sounds vie for position, and neither artists’ idiosyncratic styles dominates. Instead we have a collection of unsettling, shifting textural works, infused with quirky electronica, and skewed instrumentation. For me, the bluesy entitled 'Goin’ Back Home' is the most successful of all of the experiments, with an insistent rhythmic framework that creates a mesmerising, undulating soundscape, peppered with visceral tweets and warbles. 'Phosphorescent Clouds' takes a similar approach, this time using out-of-phase sequences of rhythm to create a dense, resonant web of syncopated sound that verges on the hypnotic. Highly recommended.


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