CD: Autarkeia ACD006 [2005]
Ltd x 500

His: Entering The Dream
The Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah

The first offering this month from Sala on the Lithuanian record label Autarkeia…which means ‘self entertainment’ in Greek…is this one track two song titled cd housed in a tiny squared dvd cased and limited to 500 copies… which was inspired by the works of Brion Gysin’s dream machine and junkie extraordinaire William S Burroughs . Working very much within the parameters of dark ritual ambient, with added bells and whistles, the music is a mystical transcendental journey creating feelings of complete euphoria and relaxation.

Opening up with ‘His entering the dream’ perfectly encapsulates an interpretation of Gysin’s machine as it slowly builds up on atmosphere. The hypnotic looped beat and fluctuating electronics are given body by the introduction of chimes, whispered ethereal voices and even strummed twanging guitar at the end creating a modern day mantra of unsurpassable quality. Although not noted on the CD cover the addition of audience noise as then track ends gives the impression that this may have in fact been recorded ‘live’…or it could be a diversionary tactic or playful humour at play. Follow up ‘The last words of Hassan Sabbah’ is a quick fix appropriate for such a renowned smackhead like Uncle Bill. More of the same but this time in addition to the looped enigmatical sounds the piece is complimented by the addition of accordion and more diverse and clarified voice samples…with the guitar plucking supplementing the piece.

At just under 37 minutes running time "Schut ente Ring worts" would make a worthy addition to any collector of ritual or dark ambient music. Never dull and definitely distinctive enough to capture the imagination everything about it reeks of quality and style. Whole heartily recommended.



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