CDR-EP: Onyxia ONYX004 [2005]

Millions Dead In A Flash
Soon All Of Our Parks Are In Cellars

Square peg. Square hole. One fits inside the other. Mathematically perfectly suited. Round peg. Square hole. Won’t go. Mathematically miss-matched. Try smacking it. Try forcing it. They still won’t fit tightly no matter how hard you try. Sadkarma are not that round peg. Sadkarma are a shape that has no mathematical name. A shape so unusual the hole hasn’t yet been cut that it will slide into. How else can you explain music that fluctuates every which way never stopping long enough for it to be categorised.

Mostly the work of one man…stand up and be counted Vesa Partti…Sadkarma’s CDR EP "Solis" recording is a 30 minute four track journey into musical mystifying territory. It’s akin to watching a bee move from different flower to different flower in a field full to brimming with a hundred species of fauna. A faint touch of noise electronics here, a small portion of electronic ambience there, a whiff of experimental awareness wafting in the breeze now, a stab of orchestral brilliance shining through the mire then…before changing course once more and throwing in faint samples and hitting on guitar and piano lead pieces. Singularly or all at once at the same time. Organic evolvement mutating at an alarming yet non threatening rate.

The constant changing of musical styles…Ambient / Noise/ Avant-Garde/ everything including the kitchen sink …randomly intermixing and inbreeding at will…is a challenging prospect. One that requires utmost patience and faith in the musician from the listener. This musical sludge of differing ingredients will either be a huge turn on or turn off depending on your point of view. Stay with it…persevere with the on going changes…go with the flow…let the ideas wash over you…let them bathe you in iridescent light…and you’ll be suitably rewarded for your time spent trying to fathom the unfathomable. A mathematical musical conundrum that’s perplexing and yet ultimately fun trying to figure out.



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