MCD: Cold Meat Industry CMI156 [2006]
Ltd x 1000

Like Lovers
The Orchards
Une Autre Vision

"Berlin" is a debut MCD from this latest group steeped in the apocalyptic / martial / neo-folk + classical scene. CMI thinks that if you enjoy the music of DIJ or Coph Nia then this release is for you. Jo - our AP goddess - also wrote Coph Nia down on the promo sheet that accompanied it, along with a cute smiling face. Bless... it's the little touches that makes my day. Everyone though hears music differently. Our ears are fine tuned to the individual and what one person hears and deciphers others will naturally fail to agree or pick up on. So, although I can hear the Coph Nia references, I would add that Rome also inhibits the same musical areas as the mighty (no more, or so I believe) Der Blutharsch in some of their styling. Coph Nia and Der Blutharsch . If music that takes inspiration and influences from those two acts hasn't set the pulse racing then your are DOA and assistance is useless.

There is no information available about who plays in Rome. Clothed in non information the music alone must speak for the act. Based in the grand tradition of singer - songwriter is the only clue made public. "Berlin" features six outstanding tracks that are an incredible atmospheric musical journey. Love and loss are the main themes that dominate... with the music tugging and pulling at the heartstrings. Every note and vocal incantation emotionally charged. The words are spoken over a backdrop of various musical styles. From a pianos sweet refrain to bombastic orchestral and militaristic overtures that threaten to overload the senses - it's all here. The drums hammer out a beat and the looped samples aren't out of place but add an extra oomph when used sparingly as they are. The poetic words though are not lost in amongst all the glorious sounds that back them. The dark side of romantic notions have never seemed so played out for real. A fantastic release and one that has only one downside.

The downside being that this release lasts just over 17 minutes. Now I know that "Berlin" is an MCD but that 17 minutes goes far too quickly. Over before it has begun. Over in the turning of a page. Gone. The residue of it remains and lingers as a memory of good times had. "Berlin" is a calling card. A statement of things to come. The full release in the pipeline something to dream of. Limited to 1,000 copies and in a 4 panel digi-pack "Berlin" is guaranteed to sell out quickly. Its reputation proceeds it. Its reputation deserved and earned so highly. If only there had been more than 17 minutes of it to enjoy and live through.


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