CD: Weird Amplexus WAX05 [2003]

Arecibo (Sleeping Under the Big Dish)
Gulf Breeze Sonar

"Radio Fore" is a limited edition, of 500 copies, release of hippy, drippy, spacedaze muzak from Mr Modell & Mantra. Two tracks consisting of deep swirling 40hz tones and binaural beats and atmospheric soundscapes that explore the mysterious sonic phenomenon of UFO sightings. So the blurb inside the cover states as if to contradict what I think of this recording. Whatever. I'll concede that the first track was ok(ish). There's a nice beat driven groove that sits easily on the ear but I really expected a lot more from this than it actually delivered. The track just doesn't go anywhere. It‚s like one long boring loop with no redeeming features to keep you interested. Where's the surprises? Where's the shocks? Where's the ingenuity? Where's the creativity? I'd rather listen to a CD of fuckin' whale music as opposed to this ambient bollocks. As for the second track? The least said aboutthat the better. Look - if you want a CD that goes into this musical territory then try the release "Radio Blackout" by Dark Factory. It dumps over this recording from a great height. If you persist and want this recording then don't say you weren't warned. Not my recording of this or any other week.



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