CDR: Einzeleinheit 006 [2006]

Ihbaiklhikö Part I
Ihbaiklhikö Part II
Ihbaiklhikö Part III
Ihbaiklhikö Part IV
Ihbaiklhikö Part V
Ihbaiklhikö Part VI

"Ihbaiklhikö" is Robert Neiteler‚s first solo album following a series of releases as half of the duo of Naarmann and Neiteler.

"Ihbaiklhikö" is a very hi-tech digital album with sharp clinical edges. Nothing is soft and warm, everything is precise and clean. All sorts of computerised blips, bleeps and whirs are in evidence resembling a computer composing its own music, particularly on 'Part II'. Heading in a slightly more structured yet experimental direction is the birdsong enhanced 'Part III' with its crashing bass and metallic percussion. The interesting aspect of Neiteler's music is that it initially appears to be disjointed and random collection of digital sounds with little structure or direction but the more you listen to it the more sense it makes. 'Part III' is probably the best example of this theory in action; what is abstract and apparently chaotic becomes clear, even rhythmic given the chance. 'Part IV' is like some sort of weird digitised breakbeat from a parallel universe while 'Part V' throbs with a punishing repetitive grind that subtly shifts and mutates as it progresses. 'Part VI' sees a return to the more structured and rhythmic side of Neiteler's music shown on 'Part III'. Other pieces, such as 'Part II', are less accessible and harder to understand but where everything comes together correctly, Neiteler‚s music can be absorbing and hypnotic in a weird futuristic way.

"Ihbaiklhikö" might not be instantly accessible musically but it is also not instantly forgettable, taking some time to understand and appreciate. Quite intricate and complex in structure, Ihbaiklhikö occasionally misses its objective but on the whole is a rewarding experience if given the chance. Definitely an abstract experimental noise focussed album but not blatantly so.


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