CDR: Mask Of The Slave Records 005 [2006]
Ltd x 120

(de)Programming Mates
So Begins Our Porn Play
Some Need Change

Honesty is the best policy. No-one likes a bullshitter. Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth. People will respect you in the end no matter what you‚ve done. Mask of the Slave records know this. They are 100% truth merchants. Their statement found on the press release sent in with this release bares this out. They wrote: "Warning: the constant noise frays the nerves!", and by fuck they weren't telling porkies.

Richard Ramirez has established himself through his many projects as an agent provocateur. A man obsessed with taking electronic noise to the higher incomprehensible levels. A zealot who explores the possibilities of aural torture then puts into practice everything he's learnt. A man you don't fuck with. Not unless you want your body and mind fucked beyond all recognition. "DeProgramming Pornographers" is a three track 42 minutes release that goes way, way beyond what can be constituted as music. This is sheer hell for ears, body and brain. A none stop attack of electronic torture that threatens to dismantle the self cell by individual cell. Think back to the worst pain you‚ve ever physically suffered. Then quadruple it. That is what "DeProgramming Pornographers" sounds like. A no nonsense, no frills, no holds barred barrage of noise. Nothing more. Nothing less. So unrelenting is this release that I couldn‚t listen to it anymore. I played it four times on the trot and had to surrender. Giving in to music was never in the plan. The white flag was raised and I went and laid down. My head thumped and ached but the silence descending was a merciful release. There are just some things an old reviewer shouldn't be subjected to.

Which for fans of Richard Ramirez is exactly what they want and expect. For them "DeProgramming Pornographers" will be right up their street. A release to brag to friends about. A release that proves their tolerance levels are above everyone else's. For they are the hardcore. The ones who know no limits. This 120 copies only CDR is for them and them alone. They are welcome to it. I was once like them. I was there at the start of the whole extreme electronics scene. Age though has crept up on me and I can't take it anymore like I used to. I've been there. Heard that. But no more. Best let the youngsters have their day. At least I was forewarned what to expect by Mask of the Slave records. For that they have my thanks.


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