CDR: Organic Pipeline OP013 [2006]
Ltd x 50

I Piano
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

This is the debut release from the Danish artist Respirator and comes to us from the Organic Pipeline label. It is limited to fifty numbered copies. Some may already be familiar with Respirator from an appearance on "Noise Decay - Noises and Such from Denmark vol. 1". Respirator, who now calls the computer his main instrument, is also an accomplished guitarist as well as trumpeter. Two instruments among others that he chooses to analyze in the release on review here.

Each track on the CD is based on the electronic manipulation of one sound source. The approach focuses on generating and looping beats using a number of 'instruments' including: acoustic guitar, piano, books (yes, the things with paper pages), theremin, trumpet, electric guitar, ukulele and kitchen. The title of each track is an indication of the instrument used. The sonic exploration is restricted to what happens to acoustic sounds when they're stretched up and down in pitch and time. Except for the track Ukulele which comes across as a heavy metal parody. You'll get it when you hear it. There are some extremely entertaining examinations of structure and texture here. Especially intriguing is the track 'Acoustic Guitar' which deconstructs the elements that give the instrument it's characteristic timbre. Overall a promising debut.


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