CD: Some Place Else SPECD05033 [2005]

BassFinder General
Full Frontal Stupidity
Snap Crackle Pope in the Ear Tunnel of Love (Trickstermix)
Outauguration of the Chimp Zombie
Kafka Snores
All Songs Must Die

Niko Skorpio Sirkia is a name that I’m totally unfamiliar with. Honesty is always the best policy…unless of course you’re cheating on your partner or filling in your tax return form. Investigating further (which made me feel like poor mans private dick) I discovered he’d been around ages in various guises, had his own record label and "The Hellbender Suite" was his latest release under the moniker of Reptiljan. So far so good.

Then I played the CD. Ah…Oh….Um…Yeah…Ok…??? So I played it again. Ah…Oh…Um…Yeah…!!! Then once more. Ah…Oh…fucking hell! In the interests of being fair and constructive I persevered and played it once more. Ah…Oh…now I get it. Or do I? I’m fucked if I know. If this was any other recording that could be easily defined or labelled I could bung up a quick review either praising or scathing the work but "The Hellbender Suite" isn’t a piece of music that falls into a specific category. Mixing noise, grind core, drill n base and the semi experimental avant- garde over the eleven, fairly short, tracks makes for one very unusual unsettling listening experience. Very fucking unusual it has to be reiterated.

Put it this way…if you had a white t-shirt in a washing machine then proceeded to add further different highly coloured items in along with it and stuck the wash onto the hottest setting…the resulting t-shirt would, colour wise, be all over the fucking shop but still wearable. And that is what this CD sounds like. It goes nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Totally dumb but exceedingly intellectual with it. The musical equivalent of Forest Gump. Breakneck beats collide with obtuse electronic bursts and patterns of noise that fly off in different tangents then fall apart before joining up again to repeat the process. Unrelenting in its desire to disorientate and confuse.Comparable to…no-one I‘ve ever heard of. It has multi personality disorder stamped high across its forehead. So many styles wrapped up in the same body of music.

Ah…Oh…Um…Yeah…Ok…??? Even after repeated plays I’m still unsure of whether I like it or not. Give it a whirl by all means but don’t be surprised if you reach the same non conclusion like I have.


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