CDR: Roil Noise RNOCDR010 [2005]

Assembly - Birth Of A Squirrel Class Robot
Robot Nursery - My Pacifier Is A Screw
Screwy Years - Teenage Riot
Pleasing One Big Screw - Robot Playing With Itself
I Am Such A Shiny Can - Consequences Of Screw Awareness
Screw Insertion In Socket - Reproduction Factory
Work - Nuclear Disaster Cleanup Unit
Broken Servodreams - Oilpan Blues
I Have A Screw Loose - Failing Parts
Robots Funderal - Disassembly

Blame it all on Kraftwerk. Those German pioneers of electronic music revolutionised music and put robots firmly under the spotlight. Their influence is so broad that there’s even a Devon tribute act called Craftwork who sing songs about clotted cream and thatching roofs. A huge compliment. As for robots…well we would all love to have one of those fuckers. Big and metallic with flashing lights and…please…a fucking Death Ray. Think of all the people you could waste with a simple ‘kill’ command. Joy upon joy. Until Sony manages to develop one of those bastards I will continue dreaming of electric sheep to the music by Random Insults. This duo of Yancy and Kai (cute names for cute people) are another top notch in the Roil Noise record label bedpost.

"Songs for Robots" is ten tracks of circuit bending electronic childish frippery noise that’s actually better than that inadequate description. Then again…"Songs for Robots" is ten tracks of bonk, bleep, wibble, thud, plunk, electronic spazziness that’s actually better than this fucking inadequate (for the second time) description. Bollocks! Last go. "Songs for Robots" is ten tracks of hashed and mashed experimental electronics that’s so far up its own dimensional plane that nothing can ever adequately describe it. Sorted. Or to put it another way. Think a nightmarish Kraftwerk hallucinating on magic mushrooms, whilst ripped to the tits on other illegal substances, laying down tracks then distorting and speeding them up and subtracting any vocals. This is what "Songs for Robots" sounds like. Part power electronics / experimental / avant-garde…though not the totally tuneless mess that that would imply. Call me a fucked up weirdo but this actually did it for me. Sure it comes across as a scatter gun of cluster fuck proportions, a random generated electronics welded noise, but it all comes together forming some sort of cohesive beat orientated music. The implementation is faultless and not without a certain charm. You would have to be a serious moron not to enjoy it. Or a Robot. Life is too short and filled with ruddy problems that sometimes it’s good to relax to something not ‘quite all there’. Random Insults…your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of Elderberries…have released one such recording. You’ll be hard pushed to find a better recording for banishing those every day blues. Even paranoid androids would love it.


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